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What do we do at Ruby’s Rainbow? We believe everyone should be given the opportunity to achieve their dreams of higher education, and we are busy doin’ something about it.


Take the 3/21 Pledge!

March 21 (or 3/21, which stands for three copies of the 21st chromosome) is World Down Syndrome Day! Each year on this day, we celebrate the lives of individuals with Down syndrome and the wonderful joy, insight and inspiration they bring into our lives and to this world. Help us celebrate by taking the 3/21 Pledge!

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About Ruby’s Rainbow

Ruby’s Rainbow was inspired by our own lil’ lady, Ruby. At her birth, we discovered she had an extra special chromosome. Our expectations for her did not change, and we vowed as a family to give her every opportunity we could to learn, grow, flourish and become an important contributor to society and the community.

Our goal and mission at Ruby’s Rainbow is to grant scholarships to adults with Down syndrome who are seeking post-secondary education, enrichment or vocational classes, and help them achieve their dreams of higher education, while spreading awareness of their capabilities and general awesomeness.

Life and learning don’t stop after high school, after all — and we want to help these amazing individuals reach their highest potential.

We love keeping track of our Rockin’ Recipients. We hope their accomplishments will inspire others to go for their dreams!


Preparing Your Son Or Daughter for College: Suggestions for Parents of Children with Intellectual Disability

Our Visit to Western Carolina University

Recently, Liz (of Ruby’s Rainbow) and Kelle Hampton (of Ruby’s Rainbow and Enjoying the Small Things) visited Western Carolina University to meet Rockin’ Recipients Ali Hale and Zach Benton, who are attending the university’s UP Program.

It was amazing to see firsthand what our efforts at Ruby’s Rainbow are helping individuals like Ali and Zach accomplish. Kelle chronicled the experience beautifully on her blog — please check it out here!!

Kelle and Liz trip to WCU

Recent Updates

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Zach Benton Update

August 30th, 2015|0 Comments

Some of you  probably remember Zach from my trip with Kelle Hampton back in March. We got to spend “a day in the life of” Zach and Ali on the Western Carolina University campus and it was truly an experience. I had been working so hard to help people like Ali and Zach achieve their dream of higher education…but I really didn’t know what […]

  • Kelsi Dungan at Graduation with the President

Kelsi Dungan Update

August 23rd, 2015|0 Comments

Here’s an update on Kelsi from her family:

Kelsi recently graduated from ClemsonLIFE on April 25, 2015. The president of the university’s wife, Beth Clements, was the speaker at the ClemsonLIFE graduation and delivered a powerful message, including an invitation to the graduates to walk in the upcoming university graduation ceremony!   Each graduate delivered their own prepared speeches about what they learned during their journey […]

  • Matthew Hessburg at Tigers Game

Here Goes Nothin’….part Deux

August 23rd, 2015|0 Comments

Well Hello! I am excited and nervous all at the same time to say that I am going to start blogging here for Ruby’s Rainbow. Excited to share stories and updates of recipients, new stuff goin’ on with RR, keep you up to date with “all things Ruby Doobs”…INSPIRE y’all by the coolness and capabilities of people with Down syndrome. BUT..a wee bit nervous because […]

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Adam Moss

June 22nd, 2015|0 Comments


Rockin’ Recipient Adam Moss leads a life that is “pretty typical to a 21-year-old male,” according to his proud mom—and she’s right, if typical 21-year-olds successfully juggle college studies, jobs, volunteer work and social lives along with all the demands of independent living. Adam, who was the 2014 recipient of the Maudie’s Scholarship Award through Ruby’s Rainbow, attends the TOPS program at Ohio State University.

He […]

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