Our goal for 2014 is to award Ruby’s Rainbow scholarships to individuals with Down Syndrome seeking higher education or post-secondary enrichment classes. Ruby’s Rainbow scholarships are up to $3,000 per awarded individual, subject to available funds for 2014.

The Maudie’s scholarship is up to $5,000 and is awarded to one select applicant per year. This individual is chosen by Maudie’s after reviewing all scholarship applications. We encourage you to submit anything that would help give us a clear vision of your personality, strengths, accomplishments and future goals.

Eligibility Requirements for Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarship

  • This grant is for individuals with Down syndrome who are 18 years of age or older.
  • Desire and intent to enroll or continue enrollment in a class or program that will enhance your life through employment, independent living or life skills, or interests in any other areas.
  • Provide high school transcripts or equivalent (certificate of completion).
  • Individuals who were previously awarded a Ruby’s Rainbow scholarship are not eligible to apply for another scholarship the following year, but may reapply again two years later.

This year’s application deadline is Sunday, July 6, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. central time.  Any applications received via mail or email after this will not be considered, so please submit yours in a timely fashion! Email your application to Liz@rubysrainbow.org or mail it to

Ruby’s Rainbow
PO Box 153095
Austin, TX 78715

Our favorite, most inspiring part of the entire year is learning about amazing individuals all across the country who are “rockin’ that extra chromosome”…so please feel free to be creative and let us get to know you!

Links to application Documents:

Scholarship Application

Eligibility Criteria and Application Checklist

Parent/Guardian Information Sheet